Research, Development and Ops

Engineering and Manufacturing


Smart Construction Engineering

Need to meet your targets? We apply Industrial Engineering concepts to your Construction or Subcontracting Business.

Consultancy Services
Mining Industry

If you need an expert advise regarding mining industry, our experts can provide you a series of evaluations and proposals and how to approach current climate change and mining conflicts. Contact us.

Supply Chain and SQE

Need to improve your Supply chain performance? Need to qualify new suppliers? Need to improve your Internal Process? Call us. We have the experts.

business Consulting

Our specialized team will guide you through the process of creation of a business, implementation and grow.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Our vast experience with Manufacturing companies and design houses, makes us the guy to go for maturing your business.

Trades and Quality

Want to certify your team in their trades in BC and Alberta? Already have a red seal certification. We can guide you through the process.

Research and Development

Have an idea? We help you bringing it to life. With our qualified and experience designers we can meet your goals and expectations.

Electric Design

In a world full of new constants solutions, we eager to assist you in landing and employing your creative ideas


Why work with Us?

Partner with us and expand your company’s grow.

Onsite or Inside

We provide services on client’s premises, work remotely from our central offices or a mix of both. All comes down to our client needs.

Highly Qualified

We always find a way to support your needs. Our people is trained to provide and create solutions and services to the highest standards.

Variety Industries

REDEVOS provides solutions to a variety of industries, including Technology and Software development, IT, Trades, Construction, etc.


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